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Ajax 4 - 4-Piece Trout Rods

Following the success of our Ajax 3-piece rods, we were asked about bringing out a 4-piece range, so we've not only introduced the 10' #7 and 9'6" #7, but also the 10' #5 and 10' #6 rods.   As with our 3-piece range, these we're  tested by local anglers of varying abilities at our local fishery and once again anglers reported that it is a very friendly user rod with excellent recovery and performance.  

As a reminder of what Trout & Salmon said about our 10' #7 fly rod by Trout & Salmon in the Apr 17 edition:
" The action is suited to reservoir fishing from boat and bank; there's plenty of power in the butt, a firm middle-tip flex and a positive memory......we found the rod easy to cast - little effort was needed to put out a long line.   It should suit most casters, including those relatively new to fly-fishing"   

The above was reinforced in a recent test by Trout & Salmon on the 10' #7 Ajax4.  The report begins with “And relax……”. It was found to be a well-balanced rod to cast with a through-to-middle action best suited to traditional methods, using a team of flies. Finally, the report ends “You could do this all-day long with the Ajax4”. This final comment emphasises our own “designed to be user-friendly” and we cannot help but note that it’s over 50% cheaper than the next rod tested that, once again, highlights our own “it’s competitively priced” at circa £112.00.

This 4-piece range of Ajax rods has the same characteristics and performance of the 3-piece Ajax rods.

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