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Sharpes of Aberdeen Ajax 4 pce - 11ft 3in #7 Switch Rod
Sharpes of Aberdeen Ajax 4 pce - 11ft 3in #7 Switch Rod
Sharpes of Aberdeen Ajax 4 pce - 11ft 3in #7 Switch Rod
Sharpes of Aberdeen Ajax 4 pce - 11ft 3in #7 Switch Rod
Sharpes of Aberdeen Ajax 4 pce - 11ft 3in #7 Switch Rod

Product Description

A 4-piece rod with a 7/8-line rating that is a traditional Sharpe’s rod construction using multi modulus blank, thereby meeting Sharpe’s philosophy of creating a rod with power and excellent recovery action.

A middle to tip action switch rod allowing easy roll and Spey casting, in addition to overhead.

The rod is easy to use, being good for not only experienced anglers, but also for beginners as remarked upon by local anglers who have tried & tested it.

Trout & Salmon August 2023 Switch Rod Test, Tweed gillie Calum Manson said "This rod had the most traditional action in the test but was none the worst for that. It cast all the lines, achieving ample distance with little effort and while not quite as crisp and accurate as the best rods, it was easy to cast and fun to fish with. Its softer action required a traditional spey-casting style, a slower and more progressive stroke, but the feedback into the handle made timing easy. While it might not have the power to cope with harsh conditions and bigger flies, 
it would feel at home on medium-sized rivers, fishing small flies. Its forgiving action makes it a good rod for the younger or developing caster."  

Trout & Salmon in their June 2020 edition said "The rod allows the caster to feel the blank loading and will improve timing.  
While it will suit the average caster, it also has a crispness that helps to achieve nice loops and good delivery.......cast perfectly acceptable fishing distances with little
 effort and was a real pleasure to use......another rod from Sharpe's made for fishing not casting"

It’s coloured in Graphite Dark Blue with a Black Cordura rod tube with a distinctive logo and rod bag.
The rod weights 170 g / 6 oz, while the tube measures 96 cm / 37.4 inches.
The overall weight of the rod, tube, etc is 861 g / 1 lbs 9 oz.

The rod is rated for a 7# which as an overhead casting line is perfect however if going for a switch or spey line it becomes a bit more complicated. The rods range is 300-500 grain. 300 being for overhead, 350-450 for switch and spey and 450 up for scagit lines. This is not a perfect system as some lines will be up or down from that but changing your loading point should allow you to make decent casts. We are introducing a spey/switch line which is rated at 450 grains. Hope this helps all those trying to get a decent setup.  

In all, a very good value Switch rod.


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Ajax 4 pce - 11ft 3in #7 Switch Rod

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