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Gye Nets - Sliding Handle & Gye Net Heads

We have a range of Gye Salmon Nets that are in our view (hundreds of anglers would agree) quite simply the best Gye nets.  They have rightly gained a reputation of endurability and flexibility and are the industry standard.  
Whether it's our Traditional 18" Sea Trout, or either the 20", 24", 27" or 30" Frame, or our Teardrop Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon, Large Salmon or Xtra Large Salmon Frame we have one suitable for your needs.   All our Traditional Gye nets are complete with a leather peel sling, while our Teardrop Trout and Sea Trout has a webbing peel sling and the Salmon range a leather peel sling.

We are very inexperienced at producing videos, but we've managed to make a short clip about how to assemble a Gye Net and then fit and use a Sharpe's Leather Peel sling.  

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