History of Sharpe's of Aberdeen.

Unfortunately, a lot of the history of Sharpe's of Aberdeen has been lost over time.  However, if you would like to know more about the company and it's past products, then please follow the link below.

Sharpes History

The information by Colin Innes is very detailed with particular emphasis upon the history and reels with some information about rods.   Whatever your looking for, the site makes fantastic reading, not only about Sharpe's of Aberdeen, but the many other rod and reel makers in and around Aberdeen in the 19th and 20th Century.

Rod Number System.  

We frequently receive enquiries from individuals who have come across an old Sharpe's cane rod asking if we can provide any information about them.
This first thing to say is that Sharpe's of Aberdeen produced a great many cane rods that were impregnated with a special resin.   This process produced rods that were virtually rot proof.   We know, for example, of an angler who lost his rod in Loch Ness and a year later, with the help of some divers, successfully retrieved it - it was still as good as new.   The consequence of this process is that a large number of these rods have survived to today, so for the majority of these their value is not as much as people hope or expect!   Though you might just have something special!!

If you have a Sharpe's Split Cane Rod enter the full details into any Search Engine and you'll quickly get an idea of value.   If you cannot find anything about your particular rod, then seek out a specialist rod dealer who will be able to help.

However, we can provide some assistance by providing the Serial Numbering System that Sharpe's of Aberdeen used for their Split Cane rods.   To access it, please click the following link to view a pdf.   It might take you a while to work it out, but it can be done and, provided you have a serial number, then you will be able to identify when the rod was made.

Rod Numbering

If your rod does not have a serial number, then please contact a specialist rod dealer.