Care of your Sharpe's Products

All Sharpe's products are designed and built to high standards to ensure they last for the lifetime of the original owner, subject to being properly looked after or maintained.

We recommend that Rods and Reels are cleaned after use.

For Rods, we recommend they are wiped with a damp, clean cloth to remove any residual dust or dirt, paying particular attention to the section ends and the reel seat.

For our nets and reels, we recommend that sensible routine maintenance be carried out on a regular basis, particularly after use.   All moving parts of our nets should be lightly oiled with 3-in1, similar product.   For our reels, a light application of similar oil or grease should be applied to the mechanism; this is particularly important either at the end of the season or every 6 months.

While our landing nets are very strong, care should be taken when landing a fish not to use the net as a lever.  By firmly gripping the frame and the handle whilst lifting the fish will protect the landing net from unnecessary damage.

Rod sections should be firmly engaged before fishing, paying particular attention to ensure the joints are moisture free.   Whilst there is no need to tape joints, many anglers recommend this practice as an added safety measure.