Replacement Net Bags

We have an excellent range of replacement nets bags suitable for a wide range of trout, sea trout and salmon landing nets.

These nets are fish friendly.

Sharpe's were the first to introduce these knotless net bags and they received not only the approval of the Angler's Trust, but also the then Environmental Agency. These netbags remain the same today. We mention this because we know some questions have been raised regarding this. The nets do have a row of knots down the seam as this is the only way they can be made presently. They are safe but if you want to ensure fish safety then choose one of our rubber mesh options. 

Standard Mesh

Our KL4 is our most popular size and is suitable for both Trout and Sea Trout frame sizes between 16" and 20" diameter.  With a 3/4"/20mm square mesh.

The KL8 is our Salmon Net Bag and is suitable for frame sizes between 24" and 30" diameter with a 1 1/2"/30mm square mesh.

Rubber Mesh

Our sea trout size KL20R is suitable for a 20” frame, and is 20“ deep with a 16“ pan shape bottom. 1/2" 14mm mesh.

The trout size KL17R is suitable for a 16” frame, 16“ deep with a 14“ pan shape bottom and 1/2" 14mm mesh.

We also have a salmon option KL7R which covers our nets from 24" to 27" GYE and 28" to 30" Teardrop GYE and 1" 28mm mesh.. 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

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KL8 (22 to 30 inch Frame) - Salmon Net Bag

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