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Traditonal Gye Heads

A number of our customers have enquired and bought additional Gye nets, to save buying a completely new Gye net.

As a consequence of these requests, we've now produced a full range of both Traditional and Teardrop Gye heads that are complete.   By this we mean that they comes with a Sharpe's Net bag relevant to their size and a Gye Block.  

So, if you have say a 17/24, but would like to have a Teardrop Large Salmon (TDLS) (the equivalent of a 17/27) it is now easy.   

Remove the Gye handle and sling from your 17/24.  Then re-attached the Leather Peel sling if the sling has become completely detached.  Then insert the Gye Handle and Leather Peel sling into the TDLS Gye Block.   Re-attached the Peel sling to the Chrome Ring (ensuring that you have put the Gye Handle also through it) and you've a new Gye Net.

We have the full range of complete net heads for both our Traditional and Teardrop Gye Landing nets.   The only priviso I should make is that both the 18" Traditional Gye and the Teardrop Trout (TDT) both have shorter Gye Handles (40") than the other models (48").

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