Wading Staffs

This design has lasted for many, many years and is considered by many users to be second to none.   The staff will not let you down because it has no joints to fail under pressure.   Comfortable to wear with a shoulder sling, they will naturally trail behind you because they are weighted - so floating is impossible.   While it goes without saying that they are very strong, dependable and long lasting, these staffs come with a salmon length to weight scale, otherwise known as a nomograph, to enable catch and release anglers to guage the weight of their salmon, plus the added advantage of informing you of the water depth, before and after entering the water.   Sleeved with robust black PVC together and a rubber foot, they minimise noise when in use.


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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products

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Sharpes of Aberdeen Spey Wading Staff

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Seaforth Wading Staff - Medium Weight

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